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Popular Fabrics For Custom Printing

Custom print organic cotton jersey

Original price was: 20.00$.Current price is: 13.50$.

Custom print rib knit fabirc by the yard

Original price was: 20.00$.Current price is: 13.50$.

32s cotton satin spandex custom fabric

Original price was: 16.00$.Current price is: 12.00$.

60s cotton lawn custom printing

Original price was: 15.00$.Current price is: 10.00$.

32s cotton poplin for custom print fabric

Original price was: 15.00$.Current price is: 11.00$.

Custom print French Terry 280gsm

Original price was: 20.00$.Current price is: 15.00$.

Custom print cotton lycra 240-250gsm

Original price was: 20.00$.Current price is: 13.50$.

Custom print cotton lycra 220-230gsm

Original price was: 20.00$.Current price is: 13.50$.

Digital print cotton canvas fabric

Original price was: 18.00$.Current price is: 10.00$.

Custom print cotton lycra 200gsm

Original price was: 20.00$.Current price is: 12.50$.
Our Professional Services
We are proud to provide the best service in fabric printing industry. Our core value is the smile of customer.


Time is money. The fabric printing process can be complicated but we are able to get your orders out in 5-10 days
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White lines and incomplete repeat sometimes are easliy over looked. Our in house design team will check every pattern for printing
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What's printed on fabric can be a bit different wtih what you see on screen. Get one before your bulk order
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We have in-house graphic designers who can assist you in coming up with design ideas and provide mock-ups.
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If you want to produce or confrim the fabric quality before mass production we can do that for you.
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Our experienced sourcing teams are able to source a variety of new fabrics which may not be part of current offering.
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About Us Company
We are one of the most flexiable fabric printing manufacturers based in China. Eco & Green process minded, you can always trust us to print your fabrics.
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Passion For Digital Print Fabric by the yard


For over 10 years we have manufactured print on demand fabrics for numberous clients across the world. We work with small and large fabric related businesses on fashion, community and retail needs.

We hope to enable everyone to create his or her own custom printed fabric by the yard. You can be your own designer and release your inner artist. No matter it’s for your child, favorite pet, online store, quilting, clothing, fabric wholesale, fashion brand and so on, you can always find something here.

Digital printing technology is applied to your printing request. It involves a highly specialized ink-jet printer, which directly jet the inks onto the fabric. The inks are all water soluble, Eco&Skin friendly. All of our fabrics can meet OKEO-TEX standards. It has many advantages over the traditional printing:

  1. Printing fabrics digitally produces an outstanding level of print clarity and color. It carries technically unlimited colors and the printing effect is vivid and extraordinary.
  2. Digital printing brings a much faster turnaround. On the one hand, it doesn’t need to make the screen. As long as the file is good enough, it can be arranged to print immediately.
  3. Imagine producing a painting, or drawing and have it become part of your fabric design. Moreover you can make it into scarves or a garment. When you decide to print your fabrics digitally, you bring infinite possibility to it. A photo, a drawing even your favorite pet, anything you can design in a computer can be printed onto your fabrics, providing Fashion Designers with an awesome new tool.

To realize your dream is what we hope to do. My Dreamtones, to Print Your Dream into Reality.

Shop By Fabric Catagory
Different fabric types bring a completely different style and feel. What's your type ?
Create Your Own Fabric
You can upload the files and get them printed on any of our custom fabrics for your beloved ones, fabric businesses and more

Choose Location

Choose your place that you want your printed fabrics come to.

Select Fabrics

Select the fabric you want to customize with your unique patters


Add Design

You can simply upload your deisgns and we will handle the rest

Checkout & Order

After adding all the preferred fabrics and patterns, go and check out.
We love our clients
Thanks our beloved customers for sharing their feedbacks with us. Don't listen to what we say about ourselves, listen to what others say about us
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Fabrics from My Dreamtones is really gorgeous. They saved me a lot of money and time to avoid mistakes on fabrics. So I can just focus on creating patterns and miantaining my FB custom fabric group.


Purchasing manager

Compared to other suppliers, MDT is more honest and responsible for our fabric printing orders. They always provide timely feedback on orders and control the quality in a high level.


Fabric store owner

We at fisrt were just running our small fabric business on the website and FB group. But thanks to MDT, we have opened our fisrt brick-and-mortar store in local.