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about us fabric

For over 10 years’ experience in digial fabric printing, we have manufactured print on demand fabrics for numberous clients across the world. We work with small and large fabric related businesses on fashion, community and retail needs.

Our original purpose by creating My Dreamtones is to enable everyone has the chance to print his/her fabric. It’s no longer the age when there’s only traditional technique that requires 1000m MOQ, like screen prinitnig and rotary printing applied to print on fabrics.

Digital printing technology is applied to your printing request. It involves a highly specialized ink-jet printer, which directly jet the inks onto the fabric. The inks are all water soluble, Eco&Skin friendly. All of our fabrics can meet OKEO-TEX standards. It has many advantages over the traditional printing:

  1. Printing fabrics digitally produces an outstanding level of print clarity and color. It carries technically unlimited colors and the printing effect is vivid and extraordinary.
  2. Digital printing brings a much faster turnaround. On the one hand, it doesn’t need to make the screen. As long as the file is good enough, it can be arranged to print immediately.
  3. Imagine producing a painting, or drawing and have it become part of your fabric design. Moreover you can make it into scarves or a garment. When you decide to print your fabrics digitally, you bring infinite possibility to it. A photo, a drawing even your favorite pet, anything you can design in a computer can be printed onto your fabrics, providing Fashion Designers with an awesome new tool.

To realize your dream is what we hope to do. My Dreamtones, to Print Your Dream onto Reality.

Our Printing Mill History

  • 2010
  • In the beginning

    In the beginning

    Our printing mill was established back in 2010 and we were only able to print on polyester at that time. The scale was small and most of our businesses are domestic fabric printing
  • 2012
  • First design team

    First design team

    With our business growing and expending, there were more demands for re-designing and creating designs. Thanks to Fuhail, our design team leader, we are able to provide eye-catching patterns and make it one of our core competitivness.
  • 2013
  • Invest in equipmens and talents

    2013 was a very special year for us. We recruited and expanded our printing mill scale and applied new cotton,rayon,linen,bamboo,silk printing technique. From 2013, we became a fabric printer that covers most fabric bases.
  • 2018
  • Create our first manufacturer based online printing store

    Create our first manufacturer based online printing store

    What will happen when digital print techqnique combined with digital world ? There you go, our first factory based online fabric printing store. No MOQ, save more and fast delivery. We want it make it easier than ever for customers around the world to print their own fabrics
  • 2021
  • Custom print fabric future is writing